Our school has been serving language needs since December 2001, and we have quickly become “The Best Spanish and English Online School in Town”.
Our teachers are highly qualified and empathetic.

Choose your best online tutors based on your own needs

Individual classes or group classes

We are located in Central America and the Caribbean.
Our clients are from more than 150 countries, since 2001!

Why choose “InglésPanama” online classes?

  1. Choose the best teacher for your personalized course.
  2. You can pay by the hour or by the course
  3. Make your own schedule with your teacher
  4. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy with no charge if you cancel 24 hours before the class (does not apply to online group lessons)
  5. Take your class anywhere, at the restaurant, on the road, on vacation, at home or in your office.
  6. You can have group lessons with other people from all over the world, who have the same level.
  7. ALL applicants are thoroughly screened. We have been evaluating and selecting the best candidates for teachers for 19 years. That’s the best reason we have maintained excellent student reviews for 19 years.
  8. Today, there are some schools and learning sites online, but most have no real experience with teachers and students outside of computers. Some of our teachers have had many years of training and experience at our main school and with many students who used to be fearful of learning online.

Build self-confidence with experienced professionals!
Have success! Be cultured!
And speak your second language with confidence!

Your tutor can travel online with you as a guide in the complex world of your newly acquired language.

What do you have to do?

See the profiles of the teachers of the language you want to learn.
Select your teacher and schedule your lessons with the calendar, according to your availability and coordinate that with your selected teacher.
Complete the registration form and mention the platform you prefer. (Skype, zoom, or other).
Contact us before you begin.
Make the payment.

We also offer online group English & Spanish classes or online corporate classes. You can contact us at: info@spanishpanama.com   or   info@cursosdeinglespanama.com.pa