Do you need to speak English at work?

And do you want to go further in your career?

At InglésPanama, we can help you improve your English and achieve your goals. Our 50-hour Executive English program will be tailor-made to meet your objectives and those of your company.
Our English Program for Executives has 2 options “Regular” or “Individualized-FLEX”:
We have a team of 20 teachers available for English or Spanish courses. We are ready to send them to your business.
You can also make an appointment by emailing us at or
Or calling 213-3121.

English Courses in Panama for Business Executives:

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InglésPanama offers English classes at your business office, residence, hotel or online. The teachers go anywhere in Panama City.

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A. Regular Executive English Program in your Company (50 hours)

With less than 8 students per class, you will be able to learn quickly with our highly experienced native English teachers.

You will also enjoy our National Geographic Learning for Executives business program, with conversational English, role playing, case studies and practice in a business perspective. Enroll now in our Regular English classes for executives as this is the right one for you.

7 different levels of Business English:

– Basic 1
– Basic 2
– Basic 3
– Intermediate 1
– Intermediate 2
– Intermediate 3
– Advanced

Class schedule:

The only place in Panama where the application and English placement tests are free.
The cost for the Executive Regular English program in InglésPanama for 50 hours will depend on the number of people in the group and the location of your company. There is no registration fee and texts are not included in the cost.

B. Individualized Executive English Program FLEX (50 hours)

The following individualized executive English program is personalized and geared to your specific language learning needs. This program is tailored for you to learn English at your own pace, with respect to your busy schedule and family life. Classes can be held in your office, in InglésPanama, or anywhere that is comfortable for you.

These options are:

“1 to 1” English classes (one student with an English teacher) *
“2 to 1” English classes (two students and a teacher)

* The benefits of this option are obvious, as students have a clear idea of how they want their own English for Executives Program. In addition, students can use their own study material, related to their area of work, profession or any specific interest. This is ideal for a person or couple who need great flexibility in their lives as students. Therefore, they have the advantage of canceling English classes with a 24-hour notice before the scheduled class and thus avoid from being charged for the class.

The cost of these options will depend on the location and number of people. There is no registration fee and texts are not included in the cost.

How to pay:

Payment is required in advance and is divided into two parts for the client’s convenience.

The development of the classes and the study material is decided between the teacher and the student(s). The texts of the National Geographic Learning series can be used as a complement, since very often teachers and students will decide on an English course that is customized to meet the student’s interest and professional needs. We have another variety of English texts for business, due to the fact that very often companies look for their collaborators and executives to learn vocabulary and conversation related to the activities of their particular company, such as banking, real estate, service or productive sectors, as well as others.

English courses in Panama for business executives. Complete the registration form now.
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English courses in Panama for business executives