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Why English?       Why InglésPanama?

In the well-titled article in the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá, “When Bilingualism Opens Doors in a Globalized World”, the Director of Spanish Panama Language School (and its partner school, InglésPanama) reinforces the premise that speaking several languages ​​is a fundamental tool when it comes to progressing as a student and professionally.

In his interview with the journalist, Director Joseph Ennis said that “It is crucial to learn English and there is no reason to believe that this language will not continue to be dominant in the future. It opens doors for us to exchange knowledge, culture, technology and business ”.

The newspaper also indicated that this organization teaches English and Spanish in corporate offices as well as in their classrooms and Mr. Ennis opined that even as babies, parents should expose their children to many languages.

He finished by explaining that English is the most studied language in the world and the most used in business, international trade and the Internet.

Director Joseph Ennis is Canadian, English speaking, and has a lot of cultural experience, teaching English in 7 different countries and on 4 continents. He had known 51 countries before he decided to settle permanently in Panama.

Why InglésPanama?

Why Us?

Why Us?

Flexible scheduling for your convenience

Excellent classrooms in a splendid school and in the best neighborhood in Panama

More personalized English school (and fewer students in each class)

Personalized English programs tailored to your needs and your learning pace

English teachers with extensive experience and cultural contribution

Affordable Prices: Pay Less, Get More!

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