English classes in Panama online for teens and children

We have online English classes for your children, whether adolescent or younger, with teachers available for “After School”, who will help your children in the development of school assignments or projects throughout the academic year. Contact us at: info@cursosdeinglespanama.com.pa


In this globalized world, speaking English is important to you and your children. InglésPanama is aware of this and therefore offers English programs for teenagers and children. As academic life is often difficult and exhausting for younger people, our goal is to teach language and culture effectively, using a fun and enriching learning environment, as we help them feel comfortable and “Connected”.

A) FLEX Individualized English Program for youth / children (50 hours)

This English program is tailored to the needs of each adolescent or child and emphasizes that the learning of English is at an appropriate pace for each student, and also in consideration of school hours and family life.

These options are:

  • “1 to 1” English courses for young people / children (one student with the teacher)
  • “2 to 1” English courses for young people (two students and a teacher)

The benefits of these options are evident, since the student-teacher relationship offers students a higher quality of time and is developed in a personalized way, giving parents a clearer idea of ​​how they want a program designed for their children to learn English in a more practical and conversational way. This program offers great flexibility so that students can cancel English classes with a minimum of 24 hours without being charged for the hours.

The schedules are flexible and you only have to indicate the availability to organize the days and hours of classes.

B) Tutoring program and After School

This English program will be taught twice a week or four times a week, with a wide variety of times for your convenience. Tutorials are offered to reinforce both English and Spanish language as well as academic subjects.

The tutorials will be given individually, or may be semi-private if the students have the same level and are in the same school or college. They will be led by bilingual teachers with extensive experience in teaching. In addition, there will be a monitoring of the academic progress of the subjects that are being reinforced.

InglésPanama has comfortable rooms with air conditioning, splendid views of the neighborhood, and with a maximum capacity of 4 students so that teacher-studednt time is maximized. Your child will get lots of personalized attention.

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Form of payment:

A prepayment of 50% is required before the start of your English course. The balance of 50% is required one week before the first half of the course is completed. The textbook, if necesary, is paid separately before the start of the first English class.



Tel: 213-3121

Email for English or Spanish courses or After School: info@cursosdeinglespanama.com.pa or info@spanishpanama.com