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Our School for English classes in Panama


We want to always give the best quality English classes in Panama and help our students, executives, adults and teenagers, make their dream come true.



  • Transparency
  • Customer service oriented
  • Personalized class sized
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Low prices, best results.

Inglés Panamá is associated with Spanish Panama Language School, the most popular and experienced Spanish school in Panama City. Its foreign experience and Canadian quality training mean your own teachers will be better adapted to teaching English cultural differences, the customs and ways of thinking of the foreign executives here in Panama – or somewhere else in Central or South America.

At Inglés Panamá, we are much more personalized to cater to students’ particular needs and in our English courses we have the best Teacher-student ration in Panama, with a very high quality at less cost. English class size is kept small. In some English classes it is 1 to 1, or 2 to 1. In other English classes there are only 3 to 5 students permitted in the Classroom. Finally, our maximum class size is 8 English students.

Our teachers and our methodology

Our native speaking teachers are all experienced, dedicated, professional, interesting, educated and passionate about teaching. Their classes are very personalized, results oriented, and they will help you reach your goal, if this is on a career or a personal purpose.

Our programs are based on National Geographic Learning Series and on conversation, role-playing, games and practice. Learn more than English, discover other world cultures. Interaction, interesting discussions, fun and fast learning. We have English classes for everyone: executives, adults, teenagers and even for kids.

What makes Inglés Panama special?

If you are reading this in Spanish and do not yet know English, you may never even have heard of Spanish Panama (www.spanishpanama.com). This is a Spanish language school is the most successful and well known Spanish courses for foreigners living in Panama and who have to learn Spanish. They know they really need to learn Spanish just as Panamanians are realizing that they really need to “learn English” in a competitive global society such as Panama. Spanish Panama has more than a decade teaching the Spanish language to foreigners living and working in Panama and they come not only from the United States and England and Canada but from more than 100 countries that are represented here in Panama City. Spanish Panama has finally given in to repeated demands to help constructing English programs as a second language. This expertise assures Inglés Panama of superb advice and good quality English education for Panamanians and non-English speakers working and living in Panama. It is more than just learning English, it is all about discover a different “world”.

So, a complete offer for you. Make your dream come true now with Inglés Panama.

Our School for English classes in Panama

Our School for English classes in Panama  www.spanishpanama.com


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